Victorian Era Mourning Trimmings
Victorian Era Mourning Trimmings
Victorian Era Mourning Trimmings
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Victorian Era Mourning Trimmings

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I'm not sure whether the main piece qualifies aa a passanentarie or a bijouterie but it was lovely in it's day. The strand of beads may have been part of a necklace or watch chain. The tassel of beads was probably... some kind of tassel. Some beads are glass, others seem to be jet.

Great inspiration for a reproduction or to salvage/reuse.


The fine print:

From the studio of Stephanie Cake. I buy antique and vintage textiles in bundles and boxed lots. It's rare that I buy any one item, unless it's for my personal collection. The beauty of these purchases is that you often get more than you bargained for. There are wonderful treasures to be found beneath the intriguing thing you saw on top. Vintage and antique clothing. Cute mid-century modern linens. Lovingly embroidered household items. I know there must be a wonderful story behind each thing but I can't keep them all.

Condition. Many old textiles are delicate, but some items of clothing I'm offering are in solid enough condition to be worn. Others are compromised in some way but wonderful nonetheless. They are excellent for studying, making a pattern tracing for reproduction, for use in textile conservation (calling all crazy quilt lovers!), or repurposing into art. Ann Wood makes great use of old, tattered antique clothing in her wonderful stitched dolls and objects.

What you're getting here. I'm selling items from my own collection and items I do not have room for. Textiles are sold as-is, so please give me a shout if you have questions. There are probably stains. There are probably holes and rips. I've done my best to show defects clearly. Unless otherwise noted, I don't launder items, or repair them. That's up to you.

A word about pricing. I'm not trying to make a million dollars over here. I'm just looking to support my textile work and save some lovely, old things from the landfill. I've done my best to research items, evaluate their condition, and price them accordingly. You may be getting a deal. You may be paying retail. I will be cross-posting some items to my eBay store. Want to try and save a buck by bidding or making me an offer? I'm happy to haggle over there. eBay links will be provided in the item listing here, if applicable.

Identification. As mentioned above, I've done my best to research and properly identify items. This is sometimes difficult, particularly with textiles. I've provided date ranges to the best of my knowledge,  but make no guarantees. If I've made a mistake, let me know!

Shipping. I carefully pack items but also do my best to reuse packing materials. I have shipping set up using Priority Flat Rate, which is the most economical method, based on the average weight of fabric goods. I ship free on orders over $125 and mail First Class for anything small/light. I'm more than happy to ship internationally at the best rate I can find.

Returns. I sell my own work as well as my surplus of modern needlework supplies in the main Slow Sewing Shop; to some degree I can warranty those purchases. But over here, in the Scratch & Dent aisle it's a caveat emptor situation. I am transparent, but I make no warranties, so please, please ask questions!

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