Stephanie Cake headshotHi! I'm Stephanie Cake and this is a one-woman show. I am a textile artist and slow sewing evangelist. I'm located just outside Baltimore, Maryland on the east coast of the USA.
I make quilts, sculptural textile pieces, costumes, dolls, and do A LOT of hand work. My teaching gigs, along with a quest to find unique and affordable materials for my own creations, led me to open this shop where I hope you will find inspiring and useful supplies for YOUR creations. I have studio destash items and fun t-shirts available for sale here as well. 
To learn more about my work, check out my portfolio website: stephaniecake.com
You can also find me on Instagram: @thestephaniecake and @slowsewingshop - follow those for news, sales/discounts, and other fun stuff. 
Finally, I stream twice a week on Twitch. I read quilt-related books and papers, examine old quilts, talk about historical sewing trends, and LOTS more. Check out my Twitch channel: Cake TV.
Umm, what's the deal with slow sewing? 
Culturally we are obsessed with speeding things up. I get it. I'm a pretty impatient person at times. My local delivery folks probably think I'm a stalker... 
But our obsession with speed and doing things fast and easy isn't always good for us. I had flirted with meditation since I was in high school but about 15 years ago I got serious about it. I found it to be the best way to bring mindfulness and "the present moment" back into my life. It also provided major breakthroughs for creativity. 
But I know lots of people who have trouble with sitting meditation. I pretty quickly realized that many handcrafts are an amazing form of moving meditation. Knitting and hand sewing are both excellent ways to practice this kind of moving meditation. I know how to knit but it isn't my jam as much as hand stitching. 
So... slow sewing evangelism it is! 
I teach classes with the slow sewing mindset and encourage other slow stitchers to shout about the benefits of slow sewing. Use #slowsewingmovement #slowstitching and #slowcrafting on your social media posts to get others interested!