StephanieThis is a one-woman show. I won't even try to front like I'm a big company, because I'm not. Anywhere it says "we" in the Slow Sewing Shop is either an oversight, or something hard-coded into the site. I am, however, a textile artist and slow sewing evangelist. I'm located just outside Baltimore, Maryland on the east coast of the good old USA. 
I make quilts, costumes, dolls, and do a lot of hand embroidery. My teaching gigs, along with a quest to find unique and affordable materials for my creations, led me to opening this shop where I hope you will find inspiring and useful supplies for YOUR creations.
So what's the deal with slow sewing? 
Culturally we are obsessed with speeding things up. I get it. I'm a pretty impatient person at times. My Amazon delivery person probably thinks I'm a stalker... 
But our obsession with speed and doing things fast and easy isn't always good for us. I had flirted with meditation since I was in high school but about 10 years ago I got serious about it. I found it to be the best way to bring mindfulness and "the present moment" back into my life. It also provided major breakthroughs for creativity.
But I know lots of people who have trouble with sitting meditation.I pretty quickly realized that many handicrafts are also an amazing form of moving meditation. Knitting and hand sewing are both excellent ways to practice this kind of moving meditation. I know how to knit but it isn't my jam as much as hand stitching. 
So... slow sewing evangelism it is!
I teach embroidery classes with the slow sewing mindset and encourage other slow stitchers to shout about the benefits of slow sewing. Use #slowsewing #slowstitching and #slowcrafting on your social media posts to get others interested!