Stephanie Cake's Studio Shop

Here in the Studio Shop, you'll find all sorts of treasures!

I'm a collector. A picker. A gleaner. I've been that way since I was a child. I'm also a textile artist and often incorporate vintage and antique fabrics in my artwork. Clothing and household linens are a wonderful source of that fabric. This repurposing of clothing and décor into new things has been common practice for most of the time people have worn clothes and used household linens. It's only since throw-away culture was born that we became less enamored with reuse. I love the idea of the second-hand textile trade and so I bring you my virtual Studio Shop. 

You'll find de-stash items: fabric, scraps, and surplus materials & supplies that don't fit in the Needlework Shop. I also have vintage and antique textile items for sale: clothing, household linens, quilts, ethnographic textiles, and other interesting fabric curios.

I occasionally sell my own handmade pieces: samples, experiments, stuff I'm tired of looking at, work from long ago, holiday pieces, etc. And finally, you may find objects from my multiple collections of vintage, antique, and oddball. After all, the best way to manage a collection is to get rid of things so you acquire more.

This is an ever-changing array of generally one-of-a-kind items. Want to keep an eye on what's new? Follow the shop on Instagram

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