Antique silk apron • c. 1800s - early 20th
Antique silk apron • c. 1800s - early 20th
Antique silk apron • c. 1800s - early 20th
Antique silk apron • c. 1800s - early 20th
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Antique silk apron • c. 1800s - early 20th

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A long black, silk apron with silk ribbon ties. Maybe it's a fancy, Victorian era mourning apron? It is clearly antique but without provenance and research, I'm truly not sure.

It is handstitched from a narrow piece of fine, black silk, 31" wide. Selvedges form the edges on both sides. The waistband for the gathered top is made from the same silk and separate (moiré patterned) silk ribbons are stitched on for the apron ties.

It has a few thin spots where the silk is beginning to deteriorate but it in remarkably good condition. Look at those small, neat hand stitches on the waistband and hem! 

The waistband section of the apron measures 10" in width. It is 26.5" long and the ribbon ties are 46" and 39".


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