Ground Walnut Shells
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Ground Walnut Shells

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Pin cushion makers rejoice! Ground walnut shells are available in small quantities! No need to buy those 50 lb sacks they sell for reptiles at the pet store.

In a seriousness, ground walnut shells are excellent filling for pin cushions and other small stuffed items. Paired with polyfil stuffing or wool roving, they provide a nice weight to handmade creations.

For best results, you can alternate layers of regular stuffing with the walnut shells, or isolate them in the bottom of a stuffed item.

Each 11.5 oz bag should provide enough filling for several pin cushions or other small projects.

WARNING: if you suffer from tree nut allergies, you may want to avoid ground walnut shells. The dust created by working with this filling can cause allergic reactions. (I speak from experience!)

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