>:-:< PEGGY >:-:< Vintage Treasure Box
>:-:< PEGGY >:-:< Vintage Treasure Box
>:-:< PEGGY >:-:< Vintage Treasure Box
>:-:< PEGGY >:-:< Vintage Treasure Box
>:-:< PEGGY >:-:< Vintage Treasure Box
>:-:< PEGGY >:-:< Vintage Treasure Box
>:-:< PEGGY >:-:< Vintage Treasure Box
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>:-:< PEGGY >:-:< Vintage Treasure Box

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Do you love vintage fabrics, linens, threads, and other materials? I sure do! After many years of collecting vintage haberdashery treasures, I have decided to share my bounty and curate some small collections for sale. I'm also including some new items such as fabric yardage. 

The Peggy collection contains:

  • Embroidered/crochet-edged dresser scarf
  • Floral hankie
  • Two quilt blocks (fan and 12-patch)
  • Spool of mending floss
  • 1 yd crocheted cotton trim
  • 1 yd rayon velvet ribbon
  • 2 cards plastic buttons
  • Wooden spool of thread 
  • Rick-rack (new/old stock)
  • Collectible needle book
  • 1/2 yd quilting cotton from Lori Holt's Granny Chic collection 
  • Several slow sewing surprises!

Items are packed in a sturdy, plain flip-top box that is suitable for decorating.


A very important note... In the spirit of full disclosure, I want to be clear that my vintage lovelies are old. As such, they may have stains and/or flaws. I don't launder vintage materials until just before I use them, so you will receive them as-is. A gentle hand-wash in a product like Oxiclean or RetroWash will cure a lot.

Flaws are part of the charm of vintage materials, in my opinion. But you can certainly mend them, or plan your project around them. Additionally, some linens are only pieces; tablecloths, dresser cloths, pillow cases, etc. may be cut but, rest assured, you will receive the sections with embroidery.

Musty odors and "eau de grandma's closet" are additional challenges with vintage goods. I have tucked a natural lavender sachet in each box. Washing or airing your treasures once you receive them will help eliminate smells. In the meantime, I have tucked a lavender sachet in each box.


Keep reading for more details about these lovely collections!

What can I make with vintage treasures?
Oh my goodness, the possibilities are endless! If you quilt or embroider, you will find that vintage linens are wonderful for inclusion in stitchy projects. Like to make little stitched goodies such as pincushions or dolls? Delicate prints, trims, and edgings are perfect ingredients. Do you make your own clothing? Vintage pieces look great as pockets, trims, or other embellishments. Multimedia makers also treasure vintage goods for collage, assemblage, and altered books.

Should I be cutting up/creating with antiques?
Well... that's a matter for debate. But I'll share my opinion. While many vintage linens are unique and often include handwork, they certainly aren't Faberge Eggs. They've potentially been used, include flaws, and aren't things we use much anymore (hankies, dresser scarves). They are sitting in closets and basements, languishing in antique shops. Isn't it a kindness to give them new life?

As for vintage notions - like trims, buttons, and threads - these items are perfectly good (often better quality than new, in fact) and sure to make your project totally unique.

No two treasure boxes are alike. When they're gone, they're gone. So be sure to pick up your favorite today!

Happy creating,

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