Cosmo Lecien Basic Colors 10-Skein Pack
Cosmo Lecien

Cosmo Lecien Basic Colors 10-Skein Pack

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This listing is for a 10-skein pack of Cosmo Lecien embroidery floss in basic colors. Each skein contains 8 meters (26.25 feet) of floss.

The pack includes:
White (#500); Pink (#481A); Red (#800); Orange (#147); Yellow (#2299); Brown (#130); Green (#118); Blue (#2412); Purple (#173); Black (#600)

Cosmo is made by the Japanese textile company, Lecien. They began selling Cosmo in 1950.

Why Cosmo floss?
You may wonder why you would want to buy Cosmo floss when DMC floss is available everywhere... and is cheaper.

DMC floss is perfectly fine. In fact, I sell it too! But it's the no-frills, Toyota Camry of embroidery floss. Wouldn't you rather have the tricked-out, luxury automobile of floss? Cosmo is your Mercedes M-Class! 😀

In all seriousness, Cosmo is smoother and tangles much less than other flosses. The strands separate like butter and it stitches like a dream. Once you try Cosmo, you won't want to go back to DMC!

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