Comfy in My Own Skin Felt Pack - small
Comfy in My Own Skin Felt Pack - small
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Comfy in My Own Skin Felt Pack - small

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The Comfy in My Own Skin Felt Pack features 5 pieces of WoolFelt (20/80 wool/rayon) in "skin tones." This small pack provides a range of colors that are perfect for faces, dolls, etc. Each piece measures 5 x 8 inches (12.7 x 20.3 cm).

Colors include:

  • Ivory
  • Blush
  • Reddish brown
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate brown


WoolFelt FAQs 

What is WoolFelt?

WoolFelt is a non-woven fabric made from 20% wool and 80% rayon – 100% natural fibers. It can be used in many different crafts including: holiday ornaments, dolls, soft sculpture, embroidery, banners. It is soft, yet sturdy and easy to stitch – both by machine and by hand. It has a nice crisp edge when cut and can be washed/ironed. 

Why not use cheaper felt from the fabric/craft store?

You get what you pay for. Cheaper felts are typically made from acrylic. They can melt and pill (in other words, washing and ironing = no bueno), often don’t have a crisp edge when cut, and are generally all-around disappointing. If you’re helping a child with a school project, consider the cheap felt. If you are hand-sewing an heirloom project, go for WoolFelt! 

Why not 100% wool?

100% non-woven, felted wool is very nice to work with. However, it is more difficult to find and doesn’t come in as many lovely colors. It can be less sturdy and doesn’t always have a crisp cut edge. Plus it is often more expensive! 100% woven, felted wool is an alternative to WoolFelt – it does come in fun colors, as well as patterns. On the other hand, it can be slightly stretchy, and far more pricey than WoolFelt. WoolFelt is a happy medium – affordable, yet still made from natural materials. 

I know what wool is… but what is rayon?

Wool, of course, comes from sheep. Rayon is a cellulose-based fiber made from cotton and wood pulp. While it is man-made, it is also natural. It is more processed from its original state than wool, but it is a renewable resource. 

Can I wash and iron WoolFelt?

Yes! It can be ironed using the rayon (medium hot) setting on your iron. It can also be handwashed with cool water and dried flat. If you plan to use WoolFelt in a project that will be later washed, be sure to pre-wash your felt. It can shrink a bit and you don’t want any stitching to pucker or twist.

To pre-wash, simply wet the felt with cool water, squeeze the excess out and let it drip dry. Keep an eye out for any color bleeding – this is another reason for pre-washing! If you notice any color bleeding, you can swirl the felt in a mixture of cool water and white vinegar. Rinse carefully and drip dry before using. Avoid the dryer, because it can overly shrink or twist the felt. Also, never use bleach – it will disintegrate the wool.

Can I buy just one piece of WoolFelt? Can I mix and match colors instead of the packages you offer?

At this time, I do not sell WoolFelt by the piece. However, if the color selections I have on offer don’t work for your project, give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do. Sometimes I’m able to put together a special color selection from my private stash. 😊

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